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A Guide to Montreal Nightlife : Pubs and Bars

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A Guide to Montreal Nightlife : Pubs and Bars

 Based in or visiting Montreal and looking forward to unleash the party animal in you? Well, what’s better than the charismatic pubs then? There are many tasteful pubs and bars in Montreal that can take you through the blissful reign of what the city beholds. But not all those places share the same aura and vibe. To get your party gear kicking in the cocoon of safety around energetic yet a fastidious crowd, you must choose pubs and bars like the Mad Hatter Pub. And it isn’t without a reason that such upscale pubs are highly rated and recommended.

 Features That Make Some Pubs a Better Place Than Some Others

 No matter you’re thriving to shake a leg with your friends, enjoy a romantic date night with your sweetheart, or just wanting to grab some scrumptious bites and taste the most refined beer that the city has to serve, it’s multi-faced pubs that you should be heading to. And some of the best features that you must collar up while picking a pub are listed below. 

  • Surroundings and Ambience – A dimly lit spacious venue with tastefully done interiors – artistic wall pictures, cushioned leather seats, exquisite high-top wooden tables – are the first few features of concern. Once you locate such a place, half the work is done.
  • Taste and Price – You wouldn’t want to be dangling in a poor space that serves tasteless yet ridiculously overpriced food. That’ll certainly be enough to break anyone’s spirit. Rather, a cozy space that serves mouth-watering dishes and imported as well as domestic beers should be your destination.
  • Fun Activities – How about absorbing the pleasure of playing indoor pool games like billiards while you’re served with hot snacks and delicious beers and hard drinks? Well, upscale pubs and bars do accommodate these facilities. And the best of all is that all this fun is quite affordable.
  • Late Night Fun – Nightlife goes well past midnight. What’s the fun in being at a place that dulls down as night swoons? Rather, choose a place with the reputation of serving late night lively music with a happening DJ having the taste for best music.
  • Polite Staff – Tasty dishes served at the hands of a hostile staff is no fun. Avoid such a place especially if you’re hosting a party where you want your guests comfortable and relaxed.

 The 5 features mentioned above are the essence of experiencing a joyful Canadian nightlife that’s relaxing, fun, and worth remembering.